Purva Blubelle Floor Plan

A real estate developer with a reputation and decades of experience, Purvankara, known for delivering breathtaking homes in India and abroad, is launching a brilliant modernistic gated enclave of apartments, Purva Blubelle, on the popular Magadi Road, West Bangalore. Set to be sprawling in an expansive acreage, the Purva Blubelle floor plan will have an assortment of 3 bedroom set of exquisite abodes in smartly laid high rises, with varied options in sizes, layouts, prices, elegant architecture, specifications, and interiors with maximum spaces, ventilation, and natural light. The property premises will be refreshingly designed and host world-class and exhaustive leisure amenities, facilities, and conveniences amidst open green expanses. It is a pre-launch project, and detailed information about it is still awaited.

A floor plan is a measured-to-scale representation of a particular floor of a real estate space for any residence or commercial space. A floor plan elaborates on the exact dimensions, the boundaries of the space, layouts, and design. It is necessary for any real estate project for the builder and the investors alike as the builder can only develop a property with the floor plan, and the investors get clarity on what to expect from their dwelling spaces. All the renowned developers have a ready floor plan which they share on all their websites, brochures, and other promotional materials. Purvankara is known for developing quality homes that suit customers' needs and fancies. It creates ideal homes and immaculately designs the floor plans of all its projects.

The Purva Blubelle floor plan is yet to be shared by the builder. The sizes, layouts, and prices will vary depending on the no. of options the builder intends to develop. The housing complex will comprise 1, 2, and 3 bedroom sets of marvellous homes in varied sizes and layouts. Every home will be meticulously planned so that the interiors are sizeable, spaces well utilised, ample ventilation, and full of natural light. Purva Blubelle 1 BHK floor plan will have an entrance, a foyer, a living cum dining, a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen with utility, and one or no balcony; these abodes are designed for single and bachelor living or low-income groups. Purva Blubelle 2 BHK floor plan could have an entrance, a foyer, a living cum dining, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen with utility, and 1 or 2 balconies; these homes are for small families or low to mid-income groups. Purva Blubelle 3 BHK floor plan will have an entrance, a foyer, a living cum dining, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen cum utility, and 1 or 2 balconies; these residences are for middle-income groups or those with bigger families or need bigger spaces.

Purva Blubelle is located on the prime and developed West Bangalore's Magadi Road. With a 43 km stretch, Magadi Road runs amid West Bangalore, extending from Bangalore City Railway Station to Magadi. It is hardly 4 km from the City Railway Station, 6 km from Majestic Bus Stand, and 38 km from Bangalore International Airport. The advantages dwellers of this locality cherish the evolved physical and social infrastructure, seamless road and metro connectivity to the rest of the city, and convenient access to some of the reputed employment zones of Bangalore. Also, the best livelihood and lifestyle avenues are available in the vicinity, viz. education, shopping, healthcare, banking, housing, dining, entertainment, hospitality, personal grooming, and sundry.

Purva Blubelle is an ideal residence package for today's urban populace - a futuristic and spectacular apartment from an ace builder with enviable architecture, premises, leisure amenities, facilities, and features along with fair pricing at a prime location, a befitting buy for self-use or investment as both will be equally worthwhile!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the various types of floor plans obtainable in Purva Blubelle?

Purva Blubelle delivers 3 BHK flats with subsequent floor plans.

2. What are the floor raise costs?

The floor rise charge will be chosen by Puravankara soon after the project gets going.

3. What are all components evaluated in a 3 BHK apartment?

3 BHK apartments will include one foyer, one main bedroom, two guest bedroom, three bathrooms, one kitchen with utility, and a balcony.

4. Can we change the flooring?

Currently, floor changes are not encouraged. Once the registration is complete, one can decide about floor change.

5. Does the township provide Model Flats with different floor plans?

Yes, the model flats will be available after the launch. Purva Blubelle is still an upcoming pre-launch apartment development.

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